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A love for bags and accessories spurred the development of what would eventually come to be known as INZURI Co.

Starting with the identification of the features and functions that would make an ideal piece, INZURI Co began to focus on the ones that were most important. Portability and luxury are the key underlying functions, that lead INZURI Co to pursue the development of a line of luggage and accessories .

Taking from Swahili (Kenya’s official language) we settled on a word, that encapsulates the type of products that we intended to produce. The result?  “INZURI” – meaning stylish or good looking.



With a focus on high quality materials and the best craftsmanship, INZURI Co set out to produce our premiere line. Taking guidance from our homeland of Kenya, we endeavored to identify methods and tools from within our environment that would assist with this process.

Each item is made from 100% locally sourced quality materials that are naturally treated and lovingly crafted into the pieces found in our lines.

Our craftsmen draw on years of experience to hand craft each item ensuring a firm attention to detail and material manipulation. Each item is meticulously thought through and created to provide a sense of luxury and function for its user



Current collection

New year, New perspectives. For the current year we decided to offer a little something new with a little something classic. Partnering with our friends at Pink Papaya we now offer a  selection of limited edition decorative jewelry, along with all of our signature leather pieces.



Creating that ideal piece that transcends a single use is something that INZURI Co focuses on when developing the pieces that will eventually comprise our lines. INZURI Co set out to create items that would grow with the user, taking on their mark and enhancing their lifestyle.  INZURI Co products are fully hand crafted and feature only the finest materials.

Focusing on creating pieces that will provide function over time means that the materials chosen should enhance themselves with age and use.