Protecting Your Bag

All bags, whether they are suede or leather, need to be protected with synthetic (stay away from the oil based versions) water proofing before use.

Reapply protector every 3-4 weeks to keep the leather soft and resilient.

 Light leathers should be treated with extreme care – denim and dye canrub off on to the leather with no easy way of removing it..

Avoid handling your bag right after applying foundation, perfume, body or hand creams, this will stain the leather.

Wearing a bag often will inevitably result in rub marks, where the leather brushes against clothing etc. This will only add to the character of your bag.

For stronger leathers (nappa or pull-up), protect, waterproof and moisturize with a product like Elephant Leather Preserver. Be sure to test any care products on a spot of the leather not easily visible e.g. Inside seam or pocket.


Suede and Nappa leather handbags should be regularly brushed with a soft suede brush. Minor stains and marks may be removed with a suede eraser. The leather should retain its color and appearance if it is regularly treated with synthetic water proofing. These preparations make the leather water,grease and dust repellent.

Suede that has been rain-marked should be allowed to dry naturally and then brushed up with a suede brush. For serious stains, it is best to see a professional. Leather does not like water. Wipe off a wet leather handbag immediately and let air dry. Do not use electric heat sources to dry a bag.

For pieces with external straps or chains, always store the chain inside the bag to avoid any scratching or indentations on the leather. Brass fixings and chains can e shined with brass cleaners, ensuring that you do not apply any of this product on the leather itself.


Store all your bags in the packaging provided. For larger pieces, use the included dust bag to store your pieces off any hooks. For smaller pieces, the muslin wrap can be used for protection.

To help your bag keep its shape, it is best to stuff your bag with foam,bubble wrap or other voluminous material. Bags should be stored away from sunlight and away from strongly dyed fabric.

Leather is a material that needs to breathe. Take pieces out as often as possible to expose the leather to the airs natural moisture and warmth, to ensure pliability and continued use.